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Student FAQs
Q: What is a course?
Answer: An AmagisUNI course comprises of one digital presentation [video] given by a subject matter expert, one set of course handouts [pdf] and one assessment in the form of a multiple choice examination [pdf]. The digital presentation may consist of up to three to five 15 minute modules. The exact number of modules is at the discretion of the course lecturer.
Q: How much does a course cost?
Answer: One AmagisUNI course costs €60 (inclusive of VAT). In the event a student fails an assessment, they may resit the assessment again for free.
Q: How does the certificate benefit me?
Answer: The certificate is a document you can use to prove you have successfully completed the course you have enrolled onto. Secondly, the course you would have enrolled onto would have been designed and created by a recognised subject matter expert. Therefore this will be highly regarded by your potential clients and employers alike.
Q: Where can I use the certificate?
Answer: You may use the certificate as part of any job applications or proposals that you wish to submit to potential clients.
Payments and refunds
Q: How do I pay for an AmagisUNI course?
Answer: A single AmagisUNI course can be purchased via Paypal using the links presented on the platform. You don't have to be a registered Paypal user to purchase a course.
Q: Can I get a refund if I don't like the course?
Answer: A refund will not be possible.
AmagisUNI lecturers FAQs
Why become an AmagisUNI lecturer?
Q: How does being a lecturer benefit me?
Answer: Subject matter and industry experts are encouraged to become AmagisUNI lecturers as:
  • Monetise your experiences and skills that you have accumulated throughout your career and share your experience with other professionals for the benefit of a broader community. Sharing knowledge is the cornestorne of our civilisation.
  • Earn a passive income - simply create the course, upload it and let AmagisUNI do the rest. When enrolled students pay and enrol onto your course, your share of the enrollment fees will be transferred directly to your bank account.
  • Earn more credibility and gain more exposure to a large network of professionals. Its, in a way, another marketing opportunity.
Q: How much can I earn?
Answer: Each AmagisUNI course costs a student €60 (inclusive of VAT). You can expect to get €20 from each sale. You will be emailed a statement presenting the breakdown of your course sales every time your earnings revenue is greater than €500.
Q. How do I become an AmagisUNI lecturer?
Please navigate here for a full set of instructions and the application form. Please also share this link with other experts in your network.